Eli,  I have taken some lessons before and have never had a instructor ask me to come in for a free consultation to make sure we were a fit for each other.  Once I meet Eli I could instantly tell that he was somebody I wanted to work with and he gave me instead feedback on my swing.  I signed up for a series of 5 lessons with the hope of getting rid of my slice.  I have been playing for a long time and last year I got my handicap down to 16.  This year I truly believe I am going down to the 10 to 12 range.  After just 3 lessons with Eli my swing dramatically changed and believe it or not the way he had me work on it was also effortless.  It was such a dramatic change that after three lessons.  Two different groups I play with regularly both commented on how dramatically my swing changed for the better!! - Joe

Eli,  I had a great start to my season yesterday, taking first place in an unhandicapped team event.  My playing partners could not believe that I am a 21 handicap.  My distance off the tee has improved dramatically too.  I had 12/14 fairways hit at an average of around 280.  I’m looking forward to a great season.  Thanks. - Brad


Joe, You have been a tremendous support to the Cherokee Trail Girls Golf Team and we want to thank you! On behalf of the team, thank you for your wonderful support.  Sincerely, - Cindy

"Windsor High School - Pelican Lake 04/27/2010 - Kortney ended up sixth overall, scored 94.  She was pumped, lowest score for her team, team ended up third overall, she even got to play in the sand a few times.  She was also named on the Honorable Mention for the league, she finished up 10th for the season!  Thank you again for your assistance!" - One of Joe's Students

"Joe, This letter comes to you as appreciation for your efforts in working with me on my golf swing. In the past several months my golf swing as a result of physical injury and lack of confidence, had deteriorated into a faint resemblance of what it used to be. I was literally uncomfortable just looking at my golf clubs. When I finally decided to seek professional help I came to you and Colorado Golf Academy. Although it certainly was not easy and has taken considerable work and practice, through your understanding, patience, teaching and personalized attention you have brought brought back to me the confidence and love I have for this sport. I will recommend Colorado Golf Academy and your services to my friends and family. Looking forward to the summer and continuing to work with you on a regular basis. - Best Regards." - Randall


"I'm glad we had the oppurtunity to work on my swing and look forward to taking it to the next level. I learn so much when we work together and look forward to April to work on shoulder turn and hip restriction to increase torque in my swing. My game went to a new level after the last lesson and setting my personal best of shooting 67(5 under par)in 2010. The most important area was that I was always playing well and hitting some shots really close to the hole. My confidence has greatly increased with the knowledge that you have given me. I now look to take it to a higher level again." - Frank

"Eli, I have always said I went through 8 pro's before I found you and you are definitely the reason golf is as big apart of my life as it is! So hopefully you can do that for a lot of other kids." - Lauren


"Joe, My game has made a turn to the upside, thanks to you.  Six of my last eight scores have been in the 70s with a 73 yesterday at Riverdale Knolls.  That was my best round in three years.  My putting was excellent. Thanks again.," - Robert


"Thanks Joe.  It was Willis Case, but still a 76 this afternoon." - Matt

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