1Eli Haskell
Eli is from Glenwood Springs Colorado, and has over 12 years experience working with golfers of all abilities. He has an undergraduate degree from The Colorado College, and a Masters degree In Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University.  This extensive background in the study of human movement has enabled him to become a specialist in golf biomechanics and makes him an expert at correctly identifying his student’s physical makeup pertaining to golf.

At the core of Eli’s teaching philosophy is a sincere coaching and mentoring attitude toward the development of golfers.  This development is not simply tied up in mechanics and technique, but also involves guidance and experience and a comprehensive knowledge of each golfer’s individual goals, specific learning styles, and a steadfast commitment to open communication.  This sharing of ideas and thoughts ensures that all his students, regardless of age, gender, and ability, receive a unique and completely customized experience.  In the end, this becomes an ever evolving and growing relationship between student and instructor.  Though this philopsophy proves successful for golfers of all abilities, Eli's true passion and expertise is in developing the competitive junior golfer.  He has worked with multiple girls on both the 2009 Skyline and 2010 Regis girls State Championship winning golf teams. In addition he has had many individual top finishers in the Colorado Highschool State Championships with the most recent being 2011 4A runnerup Jack Adolphson, and 2011 5A runnerup Kyle Strain.  Eli has also coached numerous aspiring professional players including Charlie Soule, Rachel Larson, and Jasi Acharya.

An active player, Eli currently competes in many local professional tournaments and has authored several articles in local publications such as Colorado Avid Golfer, and Golf Views, as well as television tips on Golf at Altitude.  When not playing golf, he spends time coaching high school basketball, and enjoying time with his three boys, Kodah, Talyn, and Noble.

2Joe Egnoski

Joe Egnoski is a native of Omaha, Nebraska. Joe discovered his love for sport and golf in particular at an early age. He has spent the last thirty years pursuing his passion for golf and teaching. Joe was extremely fortunate during his informative year to be mentored by three of the all time greats in Nebraska golf history. The late hall of famer Matt Zadalis, childhood friend of Johnny Goodman the last amateur to win the U.S. Open; the retired hall of famer Gene Johnson and Jim Etter, the friendly pro who made golf so much fun for Joe at a very early age.

Joe has spent the past ten years as a master club fitter and teaching professional under the leadership of Mike McGetrick and his senior staff. During his career in Colorado Joe has worked with PGA/LPGA tour professionals, mini tour players, collegiate players, high school players, amateurs, and beginners. Joe is well known for his ability to communicate the concepts and principals of the golf swing, and has a tireless dedication to improvement to his students.

Joe believes that swing style is a personal expression and is unique to all who play the game. Golf is best played with a fluid sequenced motion, not a series of positions. Joe will teach you the dynamics required to perfect a powerful repeatable golf swing.

If you are truly passionate about reaching your potential as a golfer, Joe will commit all of the time and resources necessary to help you reach your goals. This is his promise to you.